February 20, 2015

WEEK 7 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days

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Hello everybody! How are you all pretties? Well, I'm still alive I guess, and I definitely miss you all and my blog. I am very preoccupied these last few weeks of February and the entry of March is kinda stressful, but it's still okay with me at least all the things that I'm doing is on the positive side. ;) And due to my overloaded errands aside from my regular work, I didn't have even a few minutes to work on outfit posts and my 365 happy days project. And it's been 2 weeks since I haven't postedabout the happy days.

Well this is my 7th week!

44th day (Feb 13) - Chibyusa made it to the first face again! Ha-haEarly morning of February 13, I played with Chibi again with my aviator, and it's not surprising that she's adorable with the Sunnies! It makes me really happy every time I am taking a picture of hers.

45th day (Feb 14) - Valentines day! Well, me and boyfy planned not to do the date 'thing' about heart's day and we planned to spend it at a seminar enabling us to planfor our near future. Our bed and the seminar's coordinator's fault that the schedule they gave to me is not the right date and time. WhewWe ended up dating ourselves on a local mall! We end up on a usual date for Valentines day. Complete with a heart ache and all, together with my sis because she's with us for a supposed seminar. We bump ourselves with the Autobots chilling' on the mall too!

46th day (Feb 15) - Stop talking mama, I'm sleeping!Chibi's pushing my face away. ; "love in paw and hand"ha-ha, it looks like a hand of a human and dog lovers here.. Half cute and half awkward shot!

47th day (Feb 16) - "manic Monday" and no make-upMonday selfie too! That balloon is Michael's surprise on Valentines day, where the lunch date is unplanned. ;) Aninteresting quote with a that cute rooster pouring a coffee. And a dinner at a little Korean eatery, where Michael does his favorably landing his feet for my feet because sometimes a diner chair is kinda tall for me, (yes, you read it right) my legs are kinda short, that's why he usually do this so that my feet won't dangle and can't touch the floor even with heels. Hehe...

48th day (Feb 17) - I finally found a nail polish that it shade is closest to "Marsala". The nail paint is called "humor" product of Bobbie.

49th day (Feb 18) - "all from the dust, and to dust all we return" In the morning ash Wednesday service. 

50th day feb 19 - Thursday night we tried out the newly open cafe just below our office. Here I mean the cafe is on the first floor while our office is at the 2nd. It will be easy for me to crack my sleepy head for a good coffee and a tasteful cold ice mocha with frappe. Well, almost good.

It's been a good week! And I hope I can post new outfit post / or my 8th happy week! See you again! I have to turn on the Blogging MODE! Thanks for the visit!

"Today is the perfect day to be Happy!"



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  3. you've been really good keeping up with your weekly life update :) looking forward to more!


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  5. Life takes over sometimes Cassie... I have been enjoying your Instagram pictures... when you can post that is great, I will be reading... keep smiling and sharing it xox

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