April 28, 2015

WEEK 11 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days


March 13 73rd day – so I need to prep myself on this day because the next day will be the big day of the “forever bridesmaid” I went to the spa and get my nails done and did a little relaxing foot spa too.  But before that I let myself experience breakfast alone. LOL!

March 14 74th day – So the big day it is for the bride and the groom and I am just one of the decorated pillars for the ceremony…hehe 5th time bridesmaid indeed at least I’m yet to experience Jane did on the movie "27 Dresses".  Perennial bridesmaid? Not yet! … hehe…

March 15 75th day – Alright, so I am kinda stressful on the wedding day of my boyfriend’s sister result I forgot to capture the happy moments on a blessed Sunday.

March 16th – I liven up Manic Monday by wearing my ever colorful harem pants…

March 17, 77th day – Hmm, not a joyful day because someone test my nerve one morning.  But he failed you know, he don’t know me, I don’t know him.  I won’t let him be the ‘cause of my desolation. I choose to be happy!

March 18, 78th day – Smile Chibyusa Smile!

March 19, 79th day -  So yeah me and Michael cooling ourselves on magnum ice cream on my 79th day. ;)

Thanks for visiting, you've just seen my 11th week! God Bless us all!

"Never Put the Key to your Happiness in Somebody's Pocket"



  1. Wow you look amazing - love the dress


  2. I highly doubt you would be a perennial brides made Cassie ;-) ... I love the purple dress, it looks so sweet on you ♡

    I love the last quote about not putting your happiness in someone elses pocket... very true ♡

  3. beautiful pictures!! I love your 365 days project

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  5. wow, you look gorgeous with that purple dress!


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  7. love the curly hair para kang si Goldilocks hehehe.. giveaway on my blog: Title

  8. You looked so pretty in that purple dress, love it ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  9. love the pictures

    I follow you , can you follow back?


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