September 12, 2012


I found this black fringed sleeveless on the last time that I visit a thrift store. I'm flipping onto the discount section where the price is ranging from PHP 50 to PHP 75 not until I glance on the "New Arrival Section" where clothes were tagged PHP 120 - PHP 200. Quite expensive for me. I chose a few items  then I found this black sleeveless with gold skull and fringed detailing. I'm so excited that I pull it on a hanger and pay for it immediately. It's great that it fits me very well even I didn't try it on before I purchase it. 

I've been quite a fan of black outfits and skulls and fringe for years now not until I'm overwhelmed with different styles of vintage; skirts with flowers, blouse with laces, ruffles etc. I never had an edgy outfit on my TOOTD posts. I think this would be the first... ^,..,^ 

The Top's Details


 Whole TOOTD

My apparition!

Twin's Effect
I remember Amy Lee of Evanescence in this outfit, it "resembles" her stage get up on their video "WHAT YOU WANT"
I'm learning Photo Scape now, step by step..And pardon if my photo editing is somewhat crappy or over brightness, blooming and everything. I'm not really good and don't advise me to go to Photo shop it's complex for me and it'll test my patience.

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  1. I love that outfit! The shirt and skirt are so fun. and combat boots are always a perfect choice.

    <3 Melissa


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