September 13, 2012


Hu-hu-hu.. My post isn't about elderly who's been considered as Senior Citizens like Granmas and Grandpas of the community. I'm talking about myself.. Yes myself.. =.  I'm kinda hesitant If I'm going to post this or not but I need some insights and own opinion from you my lovely readers. This is because of my sister. She asks our mother.. " Mama, I'm wondering and thinking why does "ate" (me, to be called as elder sister) always wearing a typical maxi skirts and sometimes bold patterns. This is the worst "Para syang matanda" (She looks like an Elderly/ Aged). I was like WHAAATTT??? Do I look like Aged already? I mean do I look awful when I'm in a vintage maxi-skirts and every vintage clothing that I'm on? I'm I very tacky??? 

Well I have my own reasons for wearing skirts almost any day. 1. It's easier for me to move 2. Skirts is cooler 3. I'm not comfortable whenever my depilated hairs were (is that to be called?) regrowthing on my legs.

Geez, Is that my fault? Or is it just my sister who's not open to that kind of style? Am I really looking like a Granny because of the outfits that I'm wearing?

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