September 02, 2012

MARKUS LOUVER and brazo de mercedes cake

Today, I attended the baptism of my friends' first born baby.. MARKUS LOUVER. Of course I'm one of his God Mother. Just sharing with you some pictures and the rest of our day..

I'm weird sometimes because' whenever I want to put make-up on, it's always nearing the end of the day.

Sister candid. Sorry for the gross feet above us, kasi nman, were sitting on  stairs


I'm not angry or something, it's just natural for me to do that eyebrows means I'm on my normal state.

Before we decide to go home, we were tripping out to eat some cake at Goldilocks.. :D
Tata for Now!


Vintage Blouse 
Black Jeggings
Grandma Purse
Black patent pumps (proudly Philippine made)



  1. so lovely baby :)) i'm following you dear :)

    1. Thank dear.. I love to follow you back! =)
      Stay posted!!


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