March 02, 2013


it's a guilty pleasure that stains of depression from yesterdays whining slowly fades away with the weird help of florals in my outfit and wardrobes.  Guilty pleasure because in my younger years I'm not the type of a girl that loves floral print on shirts, notebooks, even the pink patterned hankies.. i don't know why, back then I perceive clothes with super feminine style makes me soft and vulnerable. I wanted then the dark colored clothes making me tough and not just a girly girl.

Today I'm wearing white semi-sheer long sleeves that I found on a new thrift store around town that is selling their goods on all P50. You're reading it right, P50 all items. isn't it a super duper fair deal? denim shorts that i distressed a few months ago and this cute floral oxfords that a must staple on every girly girl's wardrobe for summer. Obvious facial flaws can be seen, because...I'm lazy to wear a make-up. (blame it to my horones? )


White Long Sleeves - Thrift, P50
Distressed Denim Shorts - Offbrand
Floral Oxfords - Vanita Sorella
Panther Necklace - Random
Brass Bangle - Etsy

Really are when we're getting old things changes including taste on wardrobes etc. And it's weird also that whenever I'm expecting so many paper works in my job these season, it's a lot like I have the energy to blog a lot. It's a nice weird thing.. Hmmpp ;)

Special thanks to Vanita Sorella for selling me this oxfords, it's a blessing in disguise and I will never know why, the floral print is  like a therapy.


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  1. Love the whole look Cassie. It's so laid back =) i'm glad you're doing ok now =) keep blogging and keep inspiring =)


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