March 01, 2013


puffy eyes. T.T

As I've wanted to post only positive things here in my little space, the more I hide my feelings the more I feel like I'm in the middle of two walls slowly crushing me inside. It was like I'm being forced to do things that my heart's not in it.

 I have gone through so many painful experiences in my life before, but at this point, I'm feeling I have no sense at all. I see things differently. There are so many factors that make me the way I am but I don't want to mention the details.
I see simple things too complicated and at a very rare case of my life's chapter, now I can't see happiness on things that making me happy before...I apologize that I can't explain or express myself very well. I know there are so many people that going through very big problems, struggling for their lives much worse than mine. I just wanted to breathe this kind choking piece like of thing and spit it out from here in my chest.

 I'm grateful that there is a sweet person cares about even though we're far apart, it was like we are behind each others monitor. That is YOU.

a qoute from Ate Donna of A Not So Secret Life

I'm telling to myself that I can do this, and I can make through with this, that everything will be alright.. Yes everything will be alright. As for now I don't want to think of anything and everything, I just wanted to SOAr to BREAK FrEE..



  1. awww thank you Cassie I'm so touched =) but as what i told you in life at times we would thread the rough road. But all those painful, uncertain and confusing times
    happened to make us a stronger and wiser person =)... Just hold and and keep fighting =) I'm always here my little sister =)


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