June 30, 2013

Old Fashioned

Last June 11, an official trip has gone by my office mates to submit a numbers of important papers on our regional office at Intramuros Manila. Unfortunately due to an obligation we have no time to spot some excellent old buildings and forgot to capture imperative and noble landmarks there.
What I've got is the inside of Patio de Conchita Restaurant we’re we had our luncheon. The House is very decent when it comes to an old-Spanish style. I’ve enjoyed my lunch there not just because they have these sumptuous and very affordable home-cooked meals but the ambiance that is full of history and gives impression of nostalgia.

Interior of the Patio de Conchita

"progressing lumps on my cheeks" in short tumataba nanaman ako

Floral Dress Vanita Sorella/ VintageBag Mom's/EnamelledPendant/ VintageRing Etsy/ Parisian Sandals/ VintageWatch Tiangge
Manila Cathedral's tower from afar

The orange building is The Palacio del Gobernador

Earlier this day, my purchase from Vanita Sorella has been arrived including the floral mini dress that I’m wearing here. I paired it with my vintage style satchel and my favorite enameled necklace.  The old fashioned girl in me is very cheery because I create my outfit relatively suited the place that we spent on that day.

Intramuros, Manila wait for my prospect to come back to you. For that time I will capture your exquisiteness.

Vintage Loving Cassie


  1. Thank you Cassie =))) bagay sayo ang dress =)

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  3. You look so gorgeous! I love the vintage feel of not just the place you went to but your dress and accessories as well! :)


  4. Love the vintage vibe of your outfit. :)
    Wanna follow each other? Let me know. :)

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