June 01, 2013

This Girl Is On Flower...

Thank you #Camera360 

And the doorknob.. :P

Hello my blooming friends! Happy first of June. It's still summer but it's raining hard here in the Philippines. I never really made my summer a "Summer"
Anyway it took me forever to have time and patience to make a flower headpiece. It's almost a year that I've been waiting for this d.i.y and now I finally made one for myself. I set myself that month of May won't end without having this, but oh well I missed the last day but not bad. The first plan is I'm going to do post my version of guide of how I d.i.y this but unfortunately I missed/misplaced the floral tape that I bought . I'm not sure if I misplaced it or I never really brought at the counter since I have so many tools for craft in my hand that moment. It happens to me at times especially when I'm excited, I always forgot something (does it happen to you too?) my forgetfulness spoil the plan. So my flower crown has no floral tape around it. Nevertheless I am happy that I finally made one not perfect but I think it's pretty enough since it's my first time doing i.. And Of course this is not the last, crown that I will make, I will make many many more!  I guess It's not necessary for me posting a guide. Let's leave it to the Pro's. But if one you beg for request I might change my mind.. Haha... <3

Channeling prettiness right now,
Cassie <3


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  2. That's a beautiful headpiece! The flowers are so pretty!

    Thanks for following me by the way lovely, followed you back :)

    Emily x


  3. I love your ombre hair!


  4. Thank you for the sweet comment, I am following you now on bloglovin and gfc. Feel free to follow back <3

    XO, Michi

  5. You look so amazing! Great halo! : )

  6. so beautiful!!! Your ombre amazing!
    Amazing blog darling!
    I follow you now!
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  7. aw you look pretty with that flower headband :)

  8. Great job on the flower head piece. Thanks for following. I followed back :)



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