June 19, 2013

A Nostalgia Of my Petite Heels

I have this reminiscing about the beginning of my childhood. I use to wear my Mama’s black kitten heels because as a little girl I had this fancy about grownups shoes.  Mama keeps on telling me that “hindi pa yan pwede sa’yo baby ka pa, saka na kapag malaki kana” (It won’t fit for  you, you’re still little, you can have it when you’re all grown up”)as a toddler my thoughts about growing is on a daily basis. I will try on the heels everyday thinking that my little feet are growing or lengthening a centimeter somehow.

Now, years gone by very fast although the little girl has grown up,( I’m still little by the way) has her pecuniary resources by some means and can procure any footwear that she fancy for, has a melancholy for her little memories about the first pair shoes that she love.
 Even I don’t have the ability to own hundred pairs of shoes; this little girl in me is still in the exploration for the right heels to conquer the world.

As What Marilyn's Quote, this is the perfect image for this post
image from google.com

As I am writing this, I am emotional because of the memories of me and my mother, I am just tearful when discussing about a mother and daughter’s bond.



  1. lol i remember wearing my moms shoes too. I can't wait to grow up!

  2. aw this is a cute post, i remember trying out my moms skirts naman and since i was small. they were long gowns to me :D and i liked it. couldnt wait to grow old :)


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