June 13, 2013

Celebrating the Flag's Insignia

Am I Late? Oh OK I’m late for this post.. Let’s act as if today is Independence Day here in our country. To give a little background, June 12 are being commemorated and observed by all Filipinos because it is the declaration of our freedom from the colonial rule of the Spaniards since June 12, 1898. I love history but the history of my country makes me sluggish, I don’t how and why, criticisms are very welcome J

In any case, this is my first time to get involved being a blogger by creating a simple casual outfit for the primary colored flag, which is red blue and yellow. And I realize I just have a couple of yellow tops so I am need to go to thrift stores now. 

It's a lovely coincidence that our flag is peeking.

TOOTD: Thrifted RedBlazer/ YellowTop/ BlueLeggings/ VivienneWestwoodWedge/ Mom'sVintageBag

So there you go. Happy Independence Day Philippines! 



  1. love your outfit cassie =) especially the jeans! I am trying to experiment with jeans now. you know i am not really a fan of jeans lol

  2. I love the outfit! ^_^ Very makabayan:) Coleen Garcia wears the same ensemble at show time.. I myself as well wears the same colors that day. :) Found you at Nana's blog:) Wanna Follow each other? let me know^_^


    1. thanx for following dear:) followed back already:)

  3. cassie you look cute, i was going to do something like this for the independence day pero tinamad ako tsk tsk ^^. then i realized that the color combo is also timely cause man of steel is showing this weekend. since it has blue and red in it. thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. have fun today!

  4. Hello dear! I nominated you for The Liebster Blog Award. Please check out:



  5. Nice! Hello sis! Let's be fashion sisters! =)
    Followed you sister


  6. Great inspiration. I love your sense of style!!!

    I invite you to check out my blog.

  7. I really like this combo and that it supports your culture :)


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