November 26, 2014


Hi Everyone!

I don't have anything to post lately because I'm darn too busy and always pre-occupied, my body and my brain, so anything that came pass to my mind, just goes away. I have a lack of ideas and a better sleep too, that's why, no inspiration to post. Oh dear... But anyway, somehow I got a good news for you. It's Another Cyber Monday Sales from a rising webstore better as Tidestore.

I'm into hats now so I chose to present here my favorite hats one with a vinatge british flare and the one with large brim hat. 

I know winter is coming and the days are really getting colder every day. So why not share, I think best of the outer wears. Black never gets out of style any season, a furry coat with a simple tie-ribbon detail and the other one is sunshine yellow with a faux fur detail too and has a double breasted feature. 
Lastly, winter clothes styling can never be complete without boots, and a high knee boots is a must! It will keep your legs warm while outdoors and can be an important staple too on your winter wardrobe.

As you you know Cyber Monday sale is going to be a huge deal willhappen and a surprise is here :  Their Cyber Monday will start on November 30, so mark your calendar now and catch a big massive clothes sale on



  1. Whoa...those boots!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. I want everything hahah :P Lovely outfits!

  3. loved their site!

    Following you on GFC. Do you mind to follow each other on Bloglovin,too? :)


    Bong's Belleza

  4. Great selections!

  5. the knee high boots is really cool but i don't think i can wera that. hahaha


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