November 05, 2014


 Some baby fats and a wrinkled clothing.

Crochet Ponco oversized - Thrift
Flash Round Sunnies - @Classiqueapparel (instagram)

My boyfriend and I planned to have some time together away from everyday office work; he suggested that we can have time picnic on the newly renovated park in our town last Sunday of October. In the morning I haven’t had a perfect outfit for our date, I’ve spent 1 and a half hour mix and matching all my clothes, eventually I give up and make myself effortlessly covered by one of my crocheted oversized cover-up with a silly wrinkly tank top inside and a distressed denim shorts. To make the whole outfit quite gratifying to my taste I wear my old suede buckled boots and my wild child sunnies from Classic Apparel which I love wearing because I'm into hippie vibe these days (@classiqueapparel on Instagram, do check their cool sunnies). My outfit’s kinda suitable that day because it’s extremely hot like summer; I have seen some quotes that inspire me to make it a post title today.  I dare not to wear any accessories because I don’t want to worry about anything hanging around my body. Just a comfy wearing to get me through the whole day because I thought I fail to make an outfit on our date that turns out really well spent with him. I assert this is one of my lamest ootd’s. But anyway, the outfit isn’t important in making such memorable moments; it’s the feeling and making fond memory counts.

P.s. I think this is the first time again since we photographed my outfit bathe under natural bright sunlight, and no filter! My outfits are always shot in the darkest hall in the building. hehe just sharing... Have a nice day ! And by the way, if you followed me on GFC or any other social medias, and I haven't followed back, I probably missed your comment because of my poor internet connection, do notify me again so that no blog will left behind when I follow back... Kisses!



  1. Stunning look! adore the cape!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. surely I'd loike to follow each other! following you now via GFC, G+ and bloglovin, hope you'll do the same

  2. Love this post, so cool and the outfit is wonderful, love it :)

  3. Hello from Spain: great outfit. Very trendy. Keep in touch

  4. since it´s like 4 degrees in the morning over here I´m pretty sure it´s a season :PPP love your sunglases and the crochet x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

  5. Your outfit came out great and I bet it was great for the picnic because it was comfy. I think it's always great when your comfortable in what you wear. The glasses, boots and the crochet cover up make the outfit very hippy chic! :)



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