November 03, 2014


Skull print scarf : SM dept. store
Floral/Paisley Wide Leg trousers : Thrift
Vintage Paisley envelope clutch : Thrift
Wild child sunnies : @classiqueapparel on instagram

Today’s post isn’t making me happy because unexpected little jinxes happen. Firstly, I forgot thatthe days of these seasons is shorter than the night. I got out of our building 5 pm, to my surprise the justsits in and I didn’t catch the last sun rays of the sun for my outdoor outfit shoot.  Sighs! But then again, I didn’t bother to get upset with the situation and carry on and resume since slr’s pre program settings can manage the dark surroundings and make a photo still looks bright. We head on and try a few pose and voila to all shots!Now, secondly, the minimal issue where my heels keep on poking the soft grass ground, I can’t keep up with my stand every time I execute a certain position. It just keeps on thrusting the ground, making me outbalance. Thirdly, the epic one and a spoiler of a good moment. We thought that we capture every image.. But to our surprise, 60% of captured images is corrupted! Oh no…. I just tilt my head left to right.. Hands on my face….Now I brought to you my vintage Monday, unjustifiable epic outfit. We assume that the new SD card I bought is damaged so I’m going to store where I bought it and claim warranty/replacement. But I’m still positive I will post this no matter what… all’s well Good Vibes still! How about you guys did you ever experience all your prepared outfit shoots gone wrong because of failure photograph?



  1. Love your hair dear! And the look is super hippie!
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    1. thanks my dear! my hair's half shiny and half dead.. LOL!

  2. You have nice hair color! I love it!
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  3. Love ur hair

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  4. Cool combo, like your pants!

  5. Hello I love your blog! Good post ... I'm following your blog, if you follow my'd be very happy kisses

  6. I love those wide leg trousers. They look amazing on you and I really like your sunnies!

    Thank you for the sweet words on my last post. You're very welcome, I always love to see new pictures from you on Instagram!


  7. nice style, I love it.

    thanks for the comment

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  9. Love your look :)

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  10. Adorable! Love your beautiful Trousers ,you wear it so amazing with the long Scarf!
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    kisses :)

  11. Hi Cassie where you follow? i follow on GFC :)

  12. looking gorgeous on your new hair dear! On your question, yes, i've experience it as well and it's nerve breaking! that feeling when you're so excited to blog about it and edit your photos and then the next thing you knew is that the file was corrupted! it's like boom! what the! but then again you just have to get over it and be positive! Good job! you still look gorgeous on the vintage look. Thanks for dropping by dear!
    P.S. following your social networking sites already and your blog as well.
    xoxo :)

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  16. Nice outfit!
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  17. Hello dear thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
    Great outfit, I love your style!
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  18. Love these pictures! Great outfit, you look very pretty :)

  19. Love the outfit honey, the scarf is awesome! Stunning pics, esp the dark one. looks like night very atmospheric.

  20. Stunning look! very nice scarf and you hair are superb!

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  21. Hello there, thank you so much for stopping by on my blog.

    I like because you look different then others. Your hair is so interesting.
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  22. Nice look :)

  23. Cassie I think your photo's came out great despite all the things that happened. I think a lot of bloggers have experienced bad days but you just have to roll with it. I remember I had something similar happened I was in the verge of tears but I decided to just be positive and everything turned out fine.


  24. I love the outfit combo.. Sometimes I also have the problem of catching sunlight for shoots. You have a new follower here. Hope you could follow me back too!


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