April 07, 2015

WEEK 9 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days

Actually, this blog post is in my draft for about 3 weeks? Yeah 3 weeks.oh my, such a long time since I haven't touched anything blog related or internet related.  We're having a hard time with our internet connection, and when every time we had a speedy one, I am pre-occupied. *sighs* So I am now continuing my project, one of the things that keep me positive and kinda keeps me "sane".

58th day - (February 27)Early in the morning as I am tidying my room, I pick up a random purse that I've used 6 months ago and! I found few hundred peso bills...Yes, I'm that forgetful! I took reminiscing on the second picture during the early years of me and Michael's relationship. It was taken in the year 2010 where I still have my long and jet black hair and nurtured by hair treatments and rebond. Michael is not that healthy looking though because he really does have a very skinny body built way back. Lastly, the taste of the Zesto Fruit juice packed in foil drive me down in memory lane because Mama used to include this on my lunchbox when I was a kid.


59th day -(February 28) - This two two lovely ladies visited me at work on a cozy Saturday afternoon at my workplace. Yes, indeed, this mother and daughter disturbed me at work, but they give me the reason to spend a little time to relax and make our bonding worthwhile. My best friend and my Godchild.. Kathleen Marie and Cassandra Marie. ;)

60th day - (march 1) - Michael and I spent some time with nature early in the morning walking and jogging. Actually, somewhere under that bushy tree you will find my humble home. My family and I live in a suburb like community in a beautiful province of Rizal and that mountain range in the backdrop is the Sierra Madre which is the longest mountain range in the Philippines running from North to South direction from the province of Cagayan to the north, and to the province of Quezon to the south. It's 8:00 in the morning and we can still witness the lovely fogs just above the hills and rice fields. In the afternoon, we take a nap, Michael comforts himself on the couch and I'm perfectly can't get my forty winks on the floor. .Hmmf! 

61st day (march 2) -  I'm in search for a decent shoes for my bridesmaid dress on a local mall just around the city. When I found one, the sales lady is kind enough to let me fit the pewter colored strappy sandals inside a fitting room to see if it suits to the color of my bridesmaid dress. Thanks to my dear sister, she receive her back pay and bought me some goodies.

62nd day (march 3) - One of my college friends invited me to her son's first birthday. Seeing Jollibee (the mascot) again is so much jolly at heart.

Chibi wants more a little cuddle... When I got home, sometimes she's hilariously hyper and sometimes she's just as dramatic as a dog actress sort of thing.

63rd day (march 4) - Wednesday night make-up... Sometimes, um, not sometimes almost all the time, I prep my face before the end of the day. Imagine me working at the office totally no make-up and then I will sense this urge of "I need a color to my face" LOL!

64th day (march 5) - First time on Gym! Finally, I got my butt ready for this kind of work out, but I still do enjoy doing Zumba at home. Thank's to this girl behind me for giving me motivation and company along with my sister. Sorry for my sweaty face and crooked smile like "my thigh hurts and my arms are like ugh!"

There you go...Here's my 9th week. I hope you won't get tired of visiting my blog although I'm lacking Outfit post and my uber favorite Vintage Mondays... p.s: pardon me if my texts are not in uniform font size, I dunno know what had happen, but they're like that every time I have a slow internet connection.

Exist to be Happy, not to Impress...

Love lots,


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your photos. Your post is very interesting.Keep in touch.

  2. Beautiful pictures, I really like your blog! The landscape is breathtaking I hope you had a good time :)

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  3. Keep posting when you can Cassie... it's a good reminder to think of all our happy things we have in life xox

  4. great photo !
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