April 16, 2015

WEEK 15 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days



I thought I'm not gonna make another #CassieThriftiersJourney post, I am really worried that I couldn't find time to prove to myself that it's not hard to be happy just for a second for a day.

April 10 (101st) - Big nose who knows! sorry for the big fat nose because I'm sick on this day but still happy with my great man.

April 11 (102nd) - florals on a gloomy day

April 12 (103rd) - Bim-bimboping and shabu-shabu-ing! Saturdate with Michael my love <3

April 13 (104th) - Dainty necklace heart and eiffel...from Amandas Place.

April 14 (105th) - Can't finish this "black echo" book and I do procrastinate I knooowww. And he loves to pry on my make-up tools and play it along with my face, that's annoying but I find it cute!

April 15 (106th) - Vistas, looking for a private resort for our team building.

April 16 (107th) - And this Jagabee potato fries, not that tasty that I expect it to be, oh well it's still food (junk food).

"Surround yourself with those who makes you happy".


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  1. Very nice photos!



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