April 05, 2015

WEEK 13 || Cassie Thriftier's Journey to 365 Happy Days

March 27 (87th day) - "Just as sure as the stars keep burning in the sky your love will stay a flame in me. A flame that burns so bright not only through the night but Constantly". Every time I am hearing this song by Cliff Richard, it brings tears in my eyes because it reminds me of a fond memory with my father singing this on videoke. We didn't have that bonding anymore because I am too busy and he is too. When I say every time, it's every single time that I will cry silently... *sobs*

march 28  (88th day) Got the opportunity to take outfit shots outside, and I'm lovin my edgy details...

march 29 (89th day) - I don't know I guess I miss pictures here... Hay! I'm happily annoyed (I'm frowning but smiling)

march 30 (90th day) - My sissy snap a selfie with me caught me looking like stoned or something because I'm tired and all with that furry

march 31 (91st day) - Palm trees on sunset!! oh it's not actually palm trees, just a tree that looks like tall palm! Feeling on the Palm spring eh?!                                                        

April 1 (92nd day) - I transfer this spiky plant into a much larger pot, until now I still don't know i's name, I just know it's one of the succulents...

April 2 (93rd day) - So in the morning after breakfast I planted another plant for our outdoor ornaments. And in the evening me and Michael join the Penitential Annual walk that's Holy Thursday.  So refreshing to the soul that the said event isn't just a "happening" per se but a spiritual activity too!

 I'm happily cray cray now.... Talk to you soon with another outfit!

"Be Happy with the Little you Have, There are some people with nothing who still manage to smile."

Cray Cray Cassie


  1. Nice post dear!
    it's good to be happy. .

  2. I love your nails sis! bagay sa color ng lips mo. And your hair is gorgeous! I wish I can color my hair like yours :))

    Rica | www.switbbydoll.com

  3. Some great pictures Cassie... the 'palm' trees look great xox.... I think you look good in your pictures, I think we are all a little tired, we have too much on our plate... have a great week xox

  4. great pictures,the nails areso beautiful

  5. I really love this idea of yours keep it up =) hugs

  6. Lovely Post and beautiful Quote!



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