November 25, 2013


I know the holiday season is just right at the corner and the very cool northeast wind is being experienced at this point of time here in the Philippines and because of that people are starting to layer  clothes. But last Saturday morning I have this aura of summer inside me. I wanted to get sun kissed cheeks, lace or crocheted wears, feathers, chunks of rings and everything. So I go out looking like this. Coachella like outfit.

Thriftier's Outfit:
Feather Earrings- Girl Shoppe
Beaded Bracelet Set - Girl Shoppe
Red Vintage Ring - Etsy
MJ head ring - random
Boho inspired watch - random
Knitwear Crop top - Thrift
Distressed denim shorts - Girl Shoppe

 Actually it’s a reverie wearing clothes like this because It’s a seldom thing for me and I haven’t really enjoy my 2013 summer in a way like, no vacation, no beach no picnics nothing summer at all. ;( That is why I am summer dreaming in "Ber" months now..

 Do you have same supplications of heart about summer?



  1. Beautiful photos! Ang ganda mo sis :) I really love ur red ombre hair.

  2. It's ok to have a lil summer feeling sometimes! :)

    REAlity Bites


  3. Thank you for following! I follow back now :)

  4. You look beautiful in this outfit! I love the top and your accessories. I WISH I could wear shorts without tights and boots right now lol. I do miss the summer...but at the same time I love the layers I get to wear

    xo Azu

  5. Great photos! Thanks for stopping by! Following you back!


  6. Love your blog!!! have you seen mine??=)

  7. You have a nice hair!! thanks for the comment ! im following you <33
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  8. gorgeous outfit! love your ombre! xx

  9. Same here, I can still feel the summer vibes here. :)
    Lovin your top. :)

    Kisses ♥

  10. hmm ganda nang peg! =) ayy gusto ko yang top na yan =) love it =)

    1. Lam mo na kung saan galing yan.. ;) Favorite hang-out <3

  11. YEA! Lace and creme- that's like 1/2 my summer wardrobe lol



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