November 22, 2013


 This is about the outfit that I guess leads me to fight of my life (so far) because I never quarrel nor fight to somebody since the brawl and hair pulling scene with my cousin 15 years ago. I never fight with anyone. Well sometimes I get disappointed in some people but not too skirmish and pick up a fight.  In linked to my recent post if you have already read it you’ll understand what the substance of my rumblings for you today.

Thriftier's Outfit:
Brass Little bird Necklace - Etsy 
Soft linen Outerwear - Thrift
Vintage Inspired Floral Dress - Rachel's (local boutique)
Platform Boots - Asian Vogue

  My outfit set here has a story to tell again, I never thought I will roar on to someone wearing this girly, vintage inspired dress. With a soft linen outerwear with crocheted trimmings, with a sidekick of a little bird and paired it with a little toughness with this black platforms. This boots is my favorite of all my platforms and for some unknown basis I barely wear them. The sweet thing about it is because I have worn them to stand tall in front of my sudden adversary.

 *sighs* I never really thought of intense confrontations will come to take place that day with this sweet and delicate outfit. And I thought I am done with her but “she’s” not done with me yet! Oh bother what a drama & scene.

I apologized for the negative howls but this is what was happening in my runway lately. I promise this will be the last of the outfit bashing sequel I won’t let her condemn my outfits no more. I hope you’ll never experience any censure, criticism or attack on your fashion sense. Wear what you want; never think about what other people will say as long as you have no set of laws breaking in your office, organizations, agency etc. 

Wear what you want!



  1. you look great! such a pretty dress!
    sure, i would love to follow each other, just follow me and let me know, so i can follow right back!
    happy weekend!

  2. You look great, such a cute outfit! I hope you ignore that girl because she is most likely just trying to get you heated and get a reaction from you. Don't pay attention to people that give off such negative energy! Hope everything works out for you my dear!



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