November 26, 2013


Red or sanguine is my 2nd  favorite color next to white and black. I occasionally used red clothing although I don’t have many red cloths in my wardrobe. But as of Sanguine itself as of to the five temperaments, I have a big amount of sanguinity on my personality, like I am quite creative with full of ideas in my messy mind. I sometimes struggle on following tasks and chronically late, tend to be very forgetful and a little bit sarcastic (which sometimes I hate my sarcasm). And as the sanguine person I love being warm hearted and optimistic but I don’t really think I am fully extrovert human being. 

Thriftier's Outfit: 
Floral Crown - DIY
Floral Dress - Rachels
Red Coat - Thrift
Platform Boots - Asian Vogue

As of my outfit, you see the floral dress that I've worn last post because we shoot this the same day. Just had an idea of two looks in one shot. I had this dainty red coat for over a year now, "as usual" again this is my first time to grab and wear it from the closet. I bought it, I think half a dollar or less on our Local Thrift stores downtown. I add this statement head crown which I really enjoy doing.

I think I project too much on this last photo..How about you? Are you a Sanguine person too? Or melancholic, choleric, phlegmatic?

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  1. love the shoes =) and the dress. totally love the whole outfit and yay for the flower crown =)

  2. Oh! I like the first pic with the chair the most! :) And I like the proportion those shoes add to your body. I want a pair like that, except maybe suede. LOL- yea, not a fan of the last photo- a bit too sensual.


  3. love your blog dear amazing hair i am your new follower please follow me back :*

  4. So nice litas!!
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  5. such a lovely dress, dear! thanks for your comment, I just turned 20! :) following you too :)

    ChocolateFashionCoffee Facebook Page

  6. Love your flower crown <3


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