November 30, 2013

D.i.y Leopard Nails

 Hello there! 
I am so anxious about my post today because this is my first time to post a d.i.y. I am not good at giving instructions and I hope I execute the tutorial simple and clear.
 This is how I did my leopard nails, to tell you honestly the steps I did my Leo nails just pop up inside my head, and I am sure that this technique is also used by others.

 What you’ll need:
-3 colors of nail art (preferably dark/black, mid color, and light color.
I used Chic nail art in Brown and Caress in Black and San San Nail polish in purple breeze)
-And your clean nails

 Step 1

Paint your nails the lightest nail polish. Be sure to do double coat.

 Step 2
Draw some irregular shapes using the middle colored nail polish. I used in this is the brown one. The shapes can be irregular rounds, wavy, etc. Don’t let the shapes crowd your nails because it may look like no leopard print at all. Let it dry.

Step 3

When you think the numbers of your irregular shape is enough, you can draw now some parenthesis like ( ) lines around your irregular shapes with the black nail polish.

Let it dry and Voila!

You can add clear nail polish if you want but it may take long for your nails to dry.

That’s it! I hope this tutorial has helped you in any way of doing your own leopard nails. You can mix and match 3 different colors as long as it is light, middle tone, and dark colored nail polishes. I wanted to thank my little sister on lending her dainty nails for this tutorial. 
Feel free to comment and suggestions are very much welcome!
See you chicas!

Mwah <3



  1. nice pattern


  2. Great job on your first diy post, I think you did it very well. You nails are so cute and it looks really simple, i might just have to try it one day! :)


  3. You are so goood at this! I have shaky hands and the design I attempt to do always turn out like mehhhh.

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    Cassandra | Backtofive

  4. wow! I love it !
    maybe we will follow each other on GFC? let me know :) (on facebook too if you have )


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