August 20, 2013

Gloomy Week Day II - Looking at the Brighter Side

Floral Dress Worn Under - Local Boutique
Pale green maxis - Thrifted
Neon green belt - Genevieve
Vintage Watch - Casio

All of us had experience failing shortcomings in our life, some just live with it and for some it’s a curse situate upon them. I have encountered so many Shortcomings in my life at an early age but in those particular difficulties myself learned to be strong. With the love and support of my family I learn how to look at the brighter side, search for the silver lining and all that stuff. I realize how to wait if isn’t the time yet. I never questioned God why; I just wait and keep the faith..

The outfit worn here is way back a couple of months ago. I just dug them up from old files so that efforts won't put into waste. As you can see I change my blog a bit just to freshen it up and I infused it with simple pinky motiffs and fonts. I'm experimenting also with my logo making, credits on images may quite change in the future, but let us see. I'm still not satisfied on how it looks.

Always looking at the brighter side,


  1. No matter what comes your way, don't let anyone or anything steal the smile of your face. Be Positive Be Optimistic

    Naaj xx

  2. im proud of you for handling such situations with faith cassie :)

    1. Thanks Shayne dear, I mean it sometimes that I "almost give up" but not a second of giving up.. <3

  3. It's always great to look at the brighter side of things! Very cute outfit! Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now following you back! :)


  4. I totally love this outfir cassie =) pag naisipan mong e benta pm mko ha hahahaha

  5. thanks ate Donna <3 I'll think about it muna.. Fave ko eh. ;)


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