August 18, 2013


 How’s everybody? The rain still pouring and I’m tucked in my bunk  right now..  
Even it’s rainy season here, summer ensemble is up to when I went to work last week. Actually I wore this kind of ensemble many times but since time deficiency is keeping me from taking photos.

InnerTop: Listed;OuterWear: Thrift H&M blazer; FloralPants: LocalBoutique
BeadedArmCandy: All from Girl Shoppe

I want to share also that I’ve been busy selling snacks and coffee in the office. Tehee! some of you have done this too. This is my minor yielding, in view of the fact that I need to save money for future purposes and I’m targeting before the end of this year is to buy a piano or an organ perhaps. 

Keep safe,


  1. great ensemble dear:) I am loving the blazer.. ^_^ ANd oh! So totally relate with the selling part:) great dreams! You know how to play an organ pala? wow! That's so cool!!



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