August 19, 2013

Gloomy Week Day 1 X FOTD

Monsoon rain and typhoon Maring shared heavy choruses of rain since last night, and today classes of all levels including some government offices are suspended. A heavy gloom Struck me and I’m unable to get up as colorful as I am. I’ve decided to wear all black because my mom told me that if it’s rainy or cold season dark colored clothes helps our body to get warm, I don’t know if there’s a scientific explanation for that but it’s effective for me. I am wearing an old top from Listed, a simple leggings and paired them with my favorite black pumps.

And for the first time I've got a nerve to share with you my FOTD. I am not a pro but I love putting colors in my visage. I do my face with smoky and semi-grungy look. Let me tell you my little secret on how I make making my eyes, I am lazy to use a brush so all this time I’m just using my fingers, the ring finger to be exact on blending, defining the creases and doing the inner corner and outer V.

On the Face:
Skingent Day Protective Cream - Hbc
Black eyeshadow - Quatro eye palette - Essence
Cheeks - E.l.f Contouring Blush and Bronzing Cream
Eyeliner pencil - Ever Bilena
Eyeliner Pen - Hbc
Lips - Mauvey; Ever Bilena
Top (old) - Listed
Leggings - Dalagita
Pumps - Shoe Tree
Layered Necklace - Girl Shoppe
Wrap up leather bracelet & Skull+cross Bracelet - both Random

In case if you notice and wonder with my bushy eyebrows, I never shave nor pluck them. I just keep them that way. I'm not used into sexy thin brows but I bleach them at times whenever I wanted a different aura.

 Share your random thoughts and and feel free to give comments, keep safe everyone!



  1. ou i like your smokey eye make up cassie :)

  2. i loveeee the eyeshadow.. smokey eyes!!! very pretty bagay sayo yung smokey eyes


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