August 12, 2013

Vintage Monday

It’s very cold and wet here in the Philippines because of the typhoon “labuyo”.  Gloomy day and makes me want to absent, but no-no-no today’s Monday and we still have lots of papers to be encoded and has to be reported next week. Argh.. When I’m writing this I feel like I have the eyes of Garfield because it’s going to shut any time. I’m so tired but I love this blog. I want to keep updated as possible.

This is the first time that I wear this vintage dress from Vanita Sorella since I bought it last march. Well, I just don’t know, whenever I wanted to put this dress on, I don’t have the idea of what set of accessory , shoes, or bags that I have to pair with it. The dress is really pretty at its simplest but whenever I am planning to wear this, my eyes always perceive me at my ugliest..(fat, dark skin tone, etc.) hehe I don’t know . so weird!

At last! I've made the best ensemble. Even it’s raining outside, I pull the dress on, no doubts and hesitations in front of the mirror.. 

Do I need typhoon to make wear this?

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