August 15, 2012

Mother and Daughter Thrift Bonding

Mom told me about the newly open Japan Surplus Shop near in her workplace and mine, so we decided to check their stuff right away even the weather is bad (nothing would stop us now?). Their shop is full of fine furniture, good used condition appliances shoes and bags! Maybe the shop attendant pleased to have us in their store so he gave us a very good discount on the purse that we've purchased. The clutch and purses were tagged PHP150, we haggle a little and he gives the bags PHP100 each. Isn't a generous  man to give his super low priced items at a much lower price for us? Ha-ha.. Mom and I swear to him that we're going back to purchase more, and we'll become his "Suki" or regular customer.

Torrens signed black purse

Hinomoto signed weave clutch bag

A small carpet to place outside the bathroom
New thrifted treasures =)

I'm with my new hair right now and I feel prettier today than yesterday..I'm so Happy!! ^,.,^

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