August 27, 2012

Time Spared not Enough & Red Heads' Ambush Photograph

Hello there everyone! It's holiday today and supposedly there's no work for me and no classes for students here in PH. But unfortunately the place/Agency that I'm working at had made a Resolution their employees must go to work even for the holidays except for: Holy Thursdays, Holy Fridays, All Saints/Souls Days, Christmas Day and lastly New Years Day. (Even Saturdays we need to go to work) Oh well, even if we're paid for that matter, we're whining for the a little time for ourselves and our family. Bonus for me at times like these Saturdays and Holidays, we're not required to pull prim and proper office outfits. ( We don't have uniforms) just dress-up a nice and comfy clothes on whatever you like and of course the clothes/outfits that communities' (conservative) eyes can accept. OK now, enough on my generous working schedule.. My sissy ask me to go snacks on our favorite food chain w/c is McDonald's . She's so skinny unlike me but she had a huge appetite for foods. Of course my beautiful boyfriend is with us also. 

Their internet connection is a bummer!
Sister poses 

A little Ambush Photograph that Michael has made. A moment that we encounter,  my fellow Red Head enthusiast Lovely girl. Yes, her name is Lovely and she's working on ,HBC Home of Beauty Exclusives branch in our area. She became my friend obviously because of our fondness for red hairs..  

I'll be wise on choosing clothes again even in a hurry, I look fat and WIDE in this shot >. <
I felt Modern Wednesday-ish in this outfit. Only the black purse is thrift-ed.

Good Night Loves..!


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  2. I could'nt do the red, maybe I could but I just don't think I can!

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  3. Thanks so much for following! I'm following you too!

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    Your blog is really cute, I love your outfit,


    1. aww.. thanks Jodie for appreciating my blog..♥

  5. Great hair color dear :) It's nice to find someone from the PH as well :) Just wanted to thank you for following my blog, I'm your newest follower <3


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