August 10, 2012

Mom's Old Leather Bag

Hello my Dears!

How was your day? As I was digging the junks in our house these past few days, I found this dusty leather bag of Mom that she has forgotten about.  I can't remember when it was bought (circa late 90's maybe).  It's not vintage yet, though the signs of usage make me feel it's a vintage already.  Lucky me, that she never throw or gave it away because I definitely want her to pass it to me, there is just one part missing; the sling strap (if that's the word). Mom told me she gave it away to someone else. Aside from its strap, there is nothing amiss with this pretty bag. I'll hoard thrift stores instead to look for another brown bag with uniforming detachable straps to suit it.

Some signs of usage and scratches

What kind of vintage piece that your parents have given to you?  Comments and suggestions are welcome! And let me visit your blog by leaving a link on your comment. =) 


  1. Thank you for the lovely comments!
    I love this bag.

  2. I'm so glad you like it as much as I do. =) And thank you so much for having time to visit my newly born blog. I'm still learning everything here.. Take Care!

  3. oh the bag looks soo lovely!


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