August 05, 2012


This is a month old story but I can't just let pass without posting about this not so ordinary day. This was about last July 7, 2012. It's my birthday but an incomplete celebration because at this certain moment my Mom is out of town for a duty on her work. I was a little sad then because it's my first birthday without her. At first I told my Papa that we can go out for a lunch date but he refuses, he told me that a take out food for our dinner will be fine 'cause he'll be doing his stuff at home not able to join us. It is also our 5th anniversary with my loving boyfriend Michael.. He planned that we go out for a movie since Spider Man is out now showing in Philippine cinemas. Prior to my birthday he asks me what gift I want for my day and our Anniversary, I told him it doesn't matter but don't forget the flowers.. (Ha!) Most us girls really wanted a flower for a special days or occasions but I never insisted my man on what kind of gift I want. We went to the cinema with my sister late half an hour, cinema is not that full packed so we were told by the attendant that we can watch it again later. The movie ended, several minutes passes by with an advertisement. We took a few pictures, and I told him "can I see my gift now?" It's a two medium size Bear Cuddler (a local brand of stuffed teddy bear) paper bag, so I know that inside is a stuffed toy. When I open the first bag, it's a little bear with checkered shirt, too cute.. But my tears burst when I saw the second bear, actually it's a little "hot dog" pillow (if that's the word) with a bear’s face, it says "I love how You loved me". My tears fell, my sister is kinda laughing at me because she thought I was being over reacting of course I am not. Dadee (term of my endearment for him) asks why I am crying.. I said nothing..With a smile. But the truth is I really felt the words, I'm touched really touched that I wanted to smooch him again and again in the cinema.. It's a literal pain in my chest because I am forcing myself not to cry.. That moment I am smiling but tears continue to fall. I forgot to ask where my flowers but I didn't mind then because I'm overwhelmed with the little present. Before we go home I bought a cake and a whole grilled chicken for our dinner. I did celebrate my birthday but not that extravagant just a simple celebration...

With Dadee before opening my little gifts
I call him Peter, when we've met..
The second teddy...
A not so desirable crying picture of mine.. 
With my not-so-little sister.. ; )

How sweet your boyfriend was when it's your birthday? Even in ordinary bonding moments.. You can share it with me ;)

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  1. hehehe your crying picture is soo cute Cassie a real picture of a girl truly in love =) belated happy b-day dear =)

    1. Thanks my dear friend.. hehe, npansin mu pa yan?? :*

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