August 06, 2012


Last weekend, rain pours throughout the day that makes me lazy to go to my work but I have too. (Yes it's the weekend but obliged to do my job). Wet streets didn't avoid me to wear my suede fringe boots because I'm itching to wear them for the first time since I bought them 3 weeks ago from an online thrift shop on Facebook -Boots Xhop (not sure if they offer international order). Wearing warm clothes here in Philippines is seasonal because of a tropical weather, this is my chance to wear my thrifted knitted yellow long sleeves that I bought a few years back when I was in college.  It's a little itchy but very warm that no need for another layer of sweater or jacket.  After work my  tummy grumbles  and ask Michael  my boyfriend if we can have some snacks at Mc Donalds, and he didn’t  refuse to me. (Of course!) Apology in advance for the blurry pictures, Michael is an amateur photographer and  I don't have a good camera. Maybe I'll invest in it someday. 

I'm really hungry...omg  =)
Candid shot of pa-cute Dadee
see my tummy? I'm pressing my stomach in..=)))
Ate at Mc Donalds, shot at Yellow Cab. I just pose there with my messy hair because of my yellowness..XD 

Waiting for the rain to stop 
inborn short legged

Yellow long sleeves - Thrifted
Feather clip-ons  - local flea market
Denim shorts - off brand
Suede Fringe Boots - Boots Xhop

Hoping for a great and blessed week!



  1. Hello dear thank you so much for dropping by on my blog. following you now. and welcome to the world of blogging =) i really hope that you'll enjoy your new found passion. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask me. I'm so willing to help you. =) nice look you got dear =) you should try IFB independent fashion bloggers.. in there you'll find more bloggers like us and i assure you they are very friendly and supportive =)

  2. Thank you Nana, you're so sweet! =)

  3. You can order spaghetti at McDonalds?! That's awesome. I love the mocassins!


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