August 30, 2012


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I didn't mean to be naughty on my title. Here's the story. I'm absent yesterday because there is a strange feeling about my ohhh little boobs, yeah it's little she's just 34A/75A. I felt tolerable but uncomfortable pain (ugh I can't explain myself well) in my left breast. I'm so paranoid that I touch every side or angle of my breast and examine it if there is a progression of lumps or something. I don't want to have a breast cancer or cyst and other breast related diseases, when you have it you're thinking already a painful death. Oh my what am I thinking? I'm still young to die! 
I'm over reacting everything here did I? 

 So today I visit a doctor and (sigh) I'm happy that she didn't notice any signs of lumps or anything on my breast. She just ask me if where I carry my shoulder bag, and I said on the left. She explains to me that heavy bag that's been carried with a shoulder can trigger pain on the part of a breast. A sigh of relief because it's true that I carry my extra heavy bag on my left shoulder and now I have a clue on what's causing the pain and everything.  Doctor prescribed me an Anti-Inflammatory drug, for 10 days and I'm hoping that I would no longer be dealing with such boob dilemmas that I've got.  ( I can hear my Mama laughing, she's contagious when she laugh! It's a whole HA-HA-HA!!! )

Pinterest's funny quotes about boobs that I can really relate.  But If I'm to choose I'd rather have small boobs than to have a big sick one :D  

Lesson learn: Never carry extra unnecessary things in your bag to make it less heavy. And now I don't want to wear push-up bras with wires (because there is no flesh to push! Kidding :D) just a safety precaution and prevention but research say it's a mythWell I don't know, but sometimes I can't breath with wires. I include these funny but inspirational pictures and quotes from Pinterest.


Fire Extinguisher :D

want coffee?

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  1. So sorry you had that scare, dear! That is the those few hours when you literally imagine everything that could be wrong with you. Glad to know everything is okay! Sending warm wishes your way xx


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