August 12, 2012

Can I Pull Off Red Hair??

process of strand testing
after drying.

I've been lusting for red hair for a month now after seeing Cosette Munch of on Lookbooknu. Her hair is orange red as I define it but I'm not sure about what exactly to call that red shade (ginger red perhaps?). Right now my hair is like a golden / light blonde and I'm strand testing copper red. I don't want to skip from light blonde into very bright red without taking it slowly. So darker red shade I'm opting to.

picture of Cosette Munch from

I'll post a picture later of my newly red hair. As of now here's a couple of inspiration that resembles to the color I used on my strand test:


Happy Sunday!!


  1. looks good!

    and btw. I sew that dress with a sewing machine, by hand would have take far too long! :D

  2. I actually love how the red dyed tips looks. I might want to try that on myself since I could never be brave enough to do my whole head of hair red!! x


    1. Dying your tips is the best way to try red dye on your hair.. It will look very pretty.

  3. I think the little dip dye (the try out) looks cute too!

    x Sabine from


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